About the Book

Triumph of Good - Divine Providence, The Cain-Ablel Paradign, and the End of Marxism

What lies behind the spread of the harmful ideologies of the Left and their destruction of civilization? What is the real agenda of the social justice warriors, of wokism and cancel culture? Why is Communist China so aggressive on the world stage and why does it persecute its ethnic and religious minorities so brutally? How is it possible to Marxism and its offshoots to keep promising an earthly Utopia when they deliver nothing but hellish totalitarian regimes that collectively have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths and immeasurable human suffering? This book reveals the deep roots of the evil that underpins materialist ideologies and movements, explaining their origin in the selfishness, envy and violence that was first evidenced in Cain’s murder of Abel. It traces the operation of the Cain-Abel paradigm as the quintessential struggle between good and evil in history and in our daily lives.

Triumph of Good includes extensive resource material